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BGA's staff comprises 91 faculty, staff, administrators, and the district's most robust student support team. Administrators begin the new year in the first week of August, with all staff returning two weeks later to collaborate as a team on the teaching, learning, supports, events, celebrations, and expectations for the coming year. Our  intentional focus on diversity has resulted in a brilliant and dedicated staff that is 55% BIPOC and 80% dual-licensed to teach students with disabilities.

2023 School on the Move Prize Finalist

We are honored this year to be among the three finalists for the prestigious, annual School on the Move Prize, awarded by EdVestors. All schools who applied built an evidence base demonstrating progress, shared their stories of improvement, outlined relevant data, and described the strategies that helped them realize improvement over the past 3-5 years. We are honored to share a place in the 2023 finals along with East Boston High School and Fenway High School.  It is the tireless work and infinite commitment of our staff to our students and families who have made this honor possible. The winner of this year's School on the Move Prize will be announced in November.

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