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About This Site

Welcome to our school!  With  this year's Help Us Grow initiative, we are offering our new and long-term supporters and friends an opportunity to delve a little deeper into what makes Boston Green Academy not just unique within Boston Public Schools, but also what makes us as resilient, curious, adventurous, creative, and successful as our  amazing students and alumni.

As we continue to recover from the complex challenges presented by the pandemic, BGA is feeling especially optimistic about the future and we want to share with you why we feel that way.

Between September and December, you will receive 4 notifications by mail or in your email, each with a QR code that will "unlock" a new page that will appear as a tab above. 

There is so much important and exciting work going on at BGA, we don't want to overwhelm you all at once!  

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Your first card has unlocked the green  buttons above as well as the Outdoor Classroom page and a few other tabs. Future cards will unlock more about our partnerships, our green exhibitions, and  our recent adoption of Project Based Learning.

In years past, we have tried to fit everything we do into a letter of a few pages comprising our annual appeal. This year, we want to make sure that you have access to the kinds of programming, planning, and informative data that you need to know before considering a donation.  

Finally, please take a look at the generous and visionary foundations that have been critical in supporting our work. They have been instrumental in getting us where we are today.


Please help us grow so that we can embrace the future for our students and their families.

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